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These post-marketing surveillance
Because spontaneous reports the following adverse events during the commercial use of the drug recorded very rare from a population with an indefinite number of vaccinated this vaccine, their frequency was classified as “frequency not known”. Violations of the blood and lymphatic system lymphadenopathy Immune system Anaphylactic anavar for sale reactions such as face edema, angioedema nervous systemConvulsions on higher or without fever Syncope skin and subcutaneous tissue disorders allergic like symptoms, such as various types of rash, erythema, urticaria General disorders and with the introduction of Severe edema ( ≥5 cm) at the injection site, including swelling, extends beyond one or both of the adjacent joints. These reactions appear 24-72 hours after administration of the vaccine, and can be accompanied by redness, an increase in temperature of the skin at the injection site, sensitivity or tenderness at the injection site. These symptoms disappeared spontaneously within 3-5 days without any additional treatment. It is assumed that the probability of such reactions is increased depending on the number of previous administrations of the vaccine with acellular pertussis component. This probability is higher after administration of the 4th and 5th dose of such a vaccine.


Potential adverse events
The Company has evidence that after the introduction of other vaccines containing tetanus toxoid, observed neuritis of the brachial nerve, and Guillain-Barre syndrome.


Data not available.

Interaction with other drugs

Except for immunosuppressive therapy (see. “Special Instructions” section) there is no reliable data on the possible mutual influence when used with other medicines, including other vaccines.
The vaccine tetrakis can be administered in the same syringe with conjugate vaccine against infection caused by Haemophilus influenzae type anavar for sale is diluted directly tetrakis vaccine), or simultaneously with the vaccine (in different parts of the body).
The vaccine tetrakis can be administered concomitantly with measles-mumps-rubella, varicella, hepatitis B, in different parts of the body.
The doctor should be informed about any recent coincides with the vaccination using a child any other medicines .

special instructions

The doctor should be informed about all the cases of adverse reactions, including those not listed in these instructions. Before each vaccination, to prevent possible allergic and other reactions, the doctor must clarify the state of health, immunization history, medical history of the patient and the immediate family members (in particular – allergic), cases of adverse events leading up to the introduction of vaccines. The doctor must have medicines, and tools needed in the development of hypersensitivity reactions.
Immunosuppressive therapy, or immune deficiency condition may be the cause of a weak immune response to the vaccine. In these cases it is recommended to postpone vaccination until anavar for sale the end of such treatment or remission. However, persons with chronic immunodeficiency (e.g., HIV) vaccination is recommended even if the immune response may be diminished.
When the development history of Guillain-Barre syndrome or brachial neuritis in response to any vaccine comprising a tetanus toxoid solution vaccination tetrakis drug should be carefully justified. Typically, in such cases justified is to complete primary immunization (if you enter at least 3 doses).
The potential risk of apnea and the need for respiratory monitoring for 48-72 h should be considered when conducting a primary immunization course in very preterm infants born at 28 weeks or less, particularly in having a history of respiratory signs of immaturity. Since the benefits of immunization of this group of children is high, vaccination should not be delayed or regarded as contraindicated.