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Combined medication. Codeine – antitussive central action; alkaloid phenanthrene series. Opioid receptor agonist, reduces the excitability of the cough center. At the recommended therapeutic doses does not cause depression of the respiratory center does not interfere with the function of ciliated epithelium and does buy anavar not diminish the bronchial secretion, enhances the effect of analgesic, hypnotic and sedative drugs. Activation of opioid receptors in the intestine causes relaxation of smooth muscle, reduction of motility and spasm of sphincter.
Terpine enhances secretion of bronchial glands, has expectorant.
Sodium hydrogen shifts pH bronchial mucus in the alkaline side, reduces the viscosity of sputum, to a certain extent also stimulates the motor function of the ciliated epithelium and bronchioles.
Reduces the cough reflex and helps to eliminate mucus from the airway by coughing. Maximum effect occurs within 30-60 minutes after ingestion and lasts for 2-6 hours.

Indications for use of
“dry” cough of various etiologies in diseases of the lungs and respiratory tract infections (including pneumonia, bronchitis, emphysema) in adults and children older than 12 years.

Hypersensitivity to buy anavar the drug, respiratory failure, asthma, concomitant use of ethanol or narcotic analgesics, children’s age (12 years), pregnancy and lactation.

Dosage and administration
: Inside, 1 tablet 2-3 times a day. The maximum duration of treatment without consulting a doctor – 5 days.

Side effects:
Allergic reactions (pruritus, urticaria).
Nausea, vomiting, constipation, headache, drowsiness.
Prolonged uncontrolled use may develop according to codeine.

Symptoms: vomiting, somnolence, atonic bladder, worsening coordination of movements of the eyeballs with visual impairment, bradypnea, depression of the respiratory center, arrhythmia, bradycardia.Treatment: gastric lavage with activated carbon and potassium permanganate, the introduction of respiratory analeptikov, atropine and competitive physiological antagonist kodeina- naloxone.

The interaction with other drugs
Chloramphenicol inhibits codeine metabolism in the liver and thereby enhances its effect. With simultaneous application of drugs which depress the central nervous system may increase the sedative effect and inhibitory effect on the respiratory center. Codeine increases the effects of ethanol on psychomotor functions.
When using large doses of codeine in the buy anavar action of cardiac glycosides (digoxin, etc.) Can be enhanced, as due to the weakening of peristalsis enhanced their absorption. Adsorbents, binders and overlying agents may reduce the absorption of codeine.

Patients with impaired renal function excretion of codeine slowed down, so it is recommended to extend the intervals between doses of the drug.
Because of the possibility of sedation during treatment is not recommended to engage in activities that require attention, speed of mental and motor responses.
During ingestion You can not drink alcohol. Athletes should be aware that the drug contains codeine and is doping.

Form release
Tablets. 10 tablets in blisters. 1 package with buy anavar the instruction on the medical application in a pack made of cardboard.

what is anavar

When administered orally is well absorbed through the 0.8 hour half of the dose is absorbed; after 4.6 hours of half the dose is distributed in the body. After 1-2 hours after ingestion of a single dose of 250 mg of the maximum drug concentration in blood plasma reaches 0.97 g / ml. Bioavailability – about 40% (the effect of “first pass”). Food intake has no effect on the bioavailability of terbinafine.

Terbinafine binds extensively (99%) to plasma proteins, in tissues quickly spreads penetrates into the dermal layer of skin and nail plate. It penetrates the sebum and accumulates in high concentrations in the hair follicles in hair, skin and subcutaneous tissue.

.. The what is anavarhours,  of terminal phase – 200 -400 hours Biotransformiroetsa in the liver to inactive metabolites; 80% of the dose is eliminated via the kidneys as metabolites, the remainder (22%) – through the intestines. Not accumulates in the body. Age of the patients did not affect the pharmacokinetics of terbinafine, but elimination may be reduced in patients with lesions of the kidneys and liver, resulting in high concentrations of terbinafine in the blood. Provided with breast milk.


  • Fungal infections of the scalp (trihofitia, mikrosporiya);
  • Fungal infections of the skin and nails caused by Trichophyton (T.rubrum, T.mentagrophytes, T.verrucosum, T.violaceum), Microsporum (M. canis, M. gypseum) and Epidermophyton floccosum.
  • Onychomycosis.
  • Heavy, common ringworm smooth skin of the trunk and limbs requiring systemic treatment.
  • Candidiasis of skin and mucous membranes.

: Hypersensitivity to any component of the drug; Children up to age 3 years, pregnancy, lactation.

Precautions: Hepatic and / or renal failure, alcoholism, depression of bone marrow hematopoiesis, tumors, metabolic diseases, limb occlusive vascular disease.

Pregnancy and lactation: Reception terbinafine during pregnancy is contraindicated because of the lack of sufficient information about its safety during pregnancy. Terbinafine is excreted in breast milk, so his appointment is contraindicated during breast-feeding.

Dosing and Administration
Duration of treatment and dosage regimen is what is anavar established individually and depends on the process of localization and severity of the disease.

The usual dose: 250 mg (1 tablet) 1 every day.

Onychomycosis: The duration of therapy of about 6-12 weeks. With the defeat of nails of fingers and feet (with the exception of the big toe), or the young age of the patient treatment duration may be less than 12 weeks. When infection of the big toe is usually sufficient 3-month course of treatment. In rare cases, the slow nail growth rate may require a longer period of treatment – up to 6 months or more.

Fungal infections of the skin: The duration of treatment with interdigital, plantar or “sock” type of localization of infection is 2-6 weeks, with mycoses of other parts of the body:. Shins – 2-4 weeks, the body – 4 week .;. in mycosis caused by Candida – 2-4 weeks .; with mycosis of the head caused by Microsporum canis – more than 4 weeks.

Children: usually prescribe 125 mg.

The duration of treatment of fungal infections of the scalp for about 4 weeks after infection Microsporum canis – maybe longer.
When a body weight less than 20 kg – 62.5 mg 1 time per day.
With a body weight from 20 kg to 40 kg – 125 mg 1 time per day.
When the body weight over 40 kg – 250 mg 1 time per day.

Elderly patients with drug administered in the same dose as adults. When expressed human liver and / or renal impairment (creatinine clearance <50 mL / min or serum creatinine what is anavar concentration in the blood of more than 300 mmol / L): 125 mg 1 time per day.

Side effects:
dyspeptic disorders (loss of appetite, nausea, diarrhea, feeling of fullness, abdominal pain); allergic skin reactions (rash, hives); musculoskeletal reactions (arthralgia, myalgia).

Taste disturbance, including their loss (recovery occurs within a few weeks after cessation of treatment).

Very rare: hepatotoxicity (increased activity of “liver” transaminases, hepatic failure), hepatobiliary disorders (cholestatic jaundice), malignant exudative erythema what is anavar, toxic epidermal necrolysis (Lyell’s syndrome), anaphylactoid reactions, agranulocytosis or thrombocytopenia, neutropenia .